Not able to Update Tags using API

I am sending a PUT request to http://localhost:3000/t/220.json with {"tags":["bug"]} to update the tags on my topic with ID 220.

I am getting Error 403
{"errors":["You are not permitted to view the requested resource."],"error_type":"invalid_access"}.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here?

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Some endpoints require an authentication. You will need to pass an API user and key:


I have taken care of authentication. Infact, I am able to add post on the same topic from API.

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I don’t know then, but the url should be /t/-/220.json if you don’t provide a slug.


Thanks, It worked. But can you elaborate what is a slug in terms?

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Your SEO-friendly topic title in this case.
This slug here is: not-able-to-update-tags-using-api (look tat the bar address)

By the way, this tip about - is actually from the documentation:


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