Not generate topic automatically for all blog posts

Yes apologies I meant to update this topic to announce it’s now live. Can you try it out and provide feedback?

We’d like to make this the default in the future but we want to make sure it’s been tested properly.


No worries.


I have enabled this option and the new blog post has been unlisted automatically.

But the old ones are still there and I need to manually delete them.

Is that the right logic according to your design?


Yes, I should have been more clear that this only applies to new imports going forward.


@eviltrout Thanks for clarification. Everything is working properly so far. :grinning:

@eviltrout I went through the process below and found a bug:

  1. Deleted all old posts without any comment - Success
  2. Visited one of the deleted posts on our website - Success
  3. Clicked the Start Discussion button - Success
  4. Comment on the post - Failure becuase the topic is unlisted by default

To be clear is this only happening on old topics that you deleted all the posts? Or newly created ones too?

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@eviltrout I just tried and this was happening on newly created ones too.

Ah too bad. I’ll take a look at this today!

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I took a look locally and found a bunch of minor bugs that didn’t show up in my unit tests. I’m not sure if you’re watching our tests-passed branch but if you are, could you pull when you have a minute and try again?

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@eviltrout No I am not watching this branch. Will do. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean that I pull this branch to local and check if this bug has been fixed?

Assuming you are using a docker install, it’s set to monitor a particular branch of discourse. Many people stick to beta or stable, but if you are on tests-passed next time you update you’ll get the fixes.

@eviltrout Yes you are right we are using a docker install and are on the tests-pass branch AND have updated to the latest version

However, the issue still exists. I visited a post published last night. clicked on Start Discussion by the end of the post, then clicked Reply, and got this:

So I guess the issue has not been fixed?

That’s unusual. I confirmed locally it was working great after my latest round of fixes.

Is there anything in your /logs output you could share here? I’m curious what the error is.


Hey @eviltrout sorry for the late reply! I tested it today and found it was fixed. Thanks again!