[PAID] Avoid topic creation when blog posts are loaded

What would you like done?

We have a blog (https://blog.scientific-python.org) that embed discourse comments.
Currently, whenever someone loads a blog post, an associated topic is created on discourse.
Instead, we want to wait until a reader clicks “start conversation” before doing so.

This is basically an exact copy of [paid] Preference to create & embed a topic via JavaScript only when a user clicks the "Start Discussion" link

I just want to see if there is renewed interest.

When do you need it done?

No specific timeline.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

I will consider any reasonable quote, but I estimate the work to be on the order of 5 to 10 hours.


Don’t want to discourage anyone from taking this as a project but I believe an acceptable compromise already exists which allows the topic to stay unlisted until first comment has been posted. A lot of users choose to do that instead of deferring topic creation so I thought it might be of your interest.


I concur, this is something I’d be happy to look at Stefan, but be sure this is necessary.

  • I created a fresh Ghost install
  • Updated a cloud install of Discourse to 3.2
  • Linked them in settings
  • Published an entry on Ghost
  • Am redirected to this when hitting Start Discussion


As you can see, @itsbhanusharma is correct, the Topic is unlisted.

So, whilst the Topic is created, it won’t be “seen” “publicly” in any lists.


If this doesn’t suffice I’m open to looking at your requirement further.

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What I’d like to avoid is the creation of a bunch of empty topics.


I also find this annoying. I wonder if this could be solved by an option to hide unlisted posts for staff. Probably not globally, but maybe in specific categories. And, of course, there’d need to be a way to turn off the option temporarily. I think that’d be less work than changing the way the system currently works.

I appreciate all the suggestions for alternative options, but this proposal is for stopping post creation until a button is clicked.
Are there any fundamental objections to that idea being implemented as proposed?


I’ve investigated the issue further, and think I now know how to implement a workaround. Thank you for your interest, everyone.

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