Not receiving notifications for edited Wiki posts unless you are the author

This is something strange. I have made one topic a wiki post and kept it open. Then inside another browser I login with a different user id. I edited the wiki post and then I checked the forum on my admin ID. I did not received any notification whatsoever that could tel me that someone actually contributed to the post and edited it? Am I missing something here or some setting is required. Why are we not receiving notifications for wiki post edits?

Is the original author of wiki post the sole publisher?

Does wiki posts means, the community edits the post and the original author is the only one accepting the edits and publishing the post with new edits?


Only the original author will be notified of edits at this time.

You could notify every single person who ever edited a wiki post of every subsequent edit, but it would get very spammy, very very fast.

That is my question, I did not get notified when I edited the topic content with a different ID? I tried several times

“pm private-message button post” @eviltrout @codinghorror I am thinking tagging should be a trust level 2 + function, seeing a pattern here.

Yeah would have to be an opt-in thing, not idea where you would opt-in for it though. Maybe after editing.

This is actually a bug that @DeanMarkTaylor reported. Somehow tags are being carried to other topics by other users. Those tags were not used by the OP!

Bug here for your reference:

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There doesn’t appear to be a way to get notified for post edits…
(both traditional post edits and Wiki post edits).

For post traditional post edits and Wiki post edits.

I always find myself here on meta wanting to know when updates are made to specific posts and wiki posts.

Watching a topic doesn’t help here.

Post based notifications for users

On Facebook whilst “posts” are more like “topics” here on meta it’s possible to “turn on notifications for post” to be notified of any activity related to the post (likes, comments).

After you change the notification setting the grey info box appears above in the feed.

I was kind of wondering if the “turn on notifications for post” could be added to Discourse posts or something similar?


We have nothing planned in this area for the forseeable future. You could assume ownership of the post if needed.

As a “admin” or "moderator " I could, but here on meta for example as a user I can’t.

Nope, only as an Admin. Moderators cannot take ownership of posts - still unsure why though…

I think this is probably the best thread to continue this discussion, apologies if not.

@sam, in this thread, you mentioned this idea:

I like this idea, and think it could work well in my community (we’re considering moving our wiki from mediawiki into discourse). Is it something that would be considered as a PR to core, or should I be thinking about a plugin?

Alternatively, is there now a better solution for allowing people to “watch/track” a wiki post for changes?


I think if you can get it working in a polished way and be “default off” I would consider it for core.

The critical feature is that the “edited wiki” needs to be expandable to see the actual diff and multiple edits by one user need to be coalesced if they follow each other.


Great, should the ‘default off’ setting be per-category, or a site-wide setting?

I would say both settings.

Also there is a problem that needs figuring out notification wise. At the moment these “admin posts” get no notifications, I don’t want to play with that, it would be very very high risk of “pointless information flood” but it leaves open the problem of “how can you tell that people have mucked with a wiki you are tracking”


Not knowing the internal structure this may be a crazy, complicated idea, but…

Could the admin posts be given an optional parameter (default false) that when true acts like a standard post for notification/tracking stuff? Then no existing admin posts will change, but wiki edits could give the true parameter.

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