OAuth2 integration with Drupal

Maybe you did not clear the cache in Drupal, and maybe the javascript client is smarter than we think (it handles the data type conversions behind the scenes). Anyway this doesn’t matter.

Indeed. Thank you again so much for all your help! You made this possible!!!

tarek : )


when hitting the with OAuth2 button in discourse, my drupal comes back with a 404 not found on https://mysite/oauth2/authorize

This is after I added the client in Drupal.

Is there any hint where or what I should check to resolve this?

Thanks so much

Figured it out: Clean URLs was not enabled on the Drupal side.



Hi there, I installed everything but how can I do a testing in Drupal 7? Do you have a step by step? using postman, webservice, login drupal.


I don’t understand this part. So when they are logged into Drupal roles get ignored? I don’t see how that is possible.

It takes extra steps to have roles and groups passed via SSO. By default SSO just handles authentication. You can then assign roles and groups by hand in Discourse.

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I want it to go the other way. I have a Drupal tool coming online that I want all Discourse members to be able to access without having to create another login. I don’t need roles in Discourse, but do in Drupal. Make sense?

If Drupal is the SSO master and you don’t care about groups in discourse, you should have no problem.

Thanks Jay for the info!

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