On new user registration and activation

Can anyone discuss best practices, plugins, gotchas in regards to Wordpress New User registration.

Out of the box, it appears that users must be created by the wordpress admin. The new user then logs in to the forum with their new credentials and then must activate via the new member mail.

I am looking to accomplish something close to an HR process where upon application review, the user is given a registration link. The user is then manually moved from Guest to Member in Wordpress.

Some items I need to possibly address:

  • Install a role plugin for Wordpress
  • Configure a Guest Role and newly registered users are assigned to this
  • Create a new user registration page
  • Manual process of administrator moving guest to member role
  • User signs in for first time to Discourse
  • User is auto-activated with no further email validation in Discourse

What are the best practices surrounding this integration for handling of new user registration?

I use wishlist member to handle the entire scenario you described.

If you allow registration on your WordPress site, users can register through the normal WordPress registration process.


A list of plugins we are currently testing for this purpose:

  • New User Approve
  • BuddyPress
  • BuddyPress Members only
  • Groups
  • If Menu

Thank you for your feedback.