Onebox Customisation

We have a blog on our website that was built by ourselves on Rails and we use Shortcode - - to parse the text on our blog images to be displayed. For example, if Shortcode finds the tag in the text, it uses 4096 as the image ID, then creates a panel using the image, the author of the image and the number of views for the image. A sample blog post can be found at

Our current problem is that when authors (mostly non technical) create a post, they do miss various parts of the tags this then throws an error. As we currently use discourse for our forum, the editors as suggested that they love discourse’s text editor and they will love something like that.

So, we will love to pay and work with a lot of experience with Onebox and Discourse to help us migrate from Shortcode to Onebox for displaying the images on the blog section of our website. We really love the text editor that is used for discourse and we are hoping that we can use it for the blog section of our website. At a high level, we will love the following functionalities

  • Auto detect URLs in the text area of the blog while the author is generating the text. If the URL is from our website, the image will be generated as it is currently being done on our website (or even better). Please see how the images are generated in
  • This functionality will be extended to Discourse, so that when users add the link from our website to our discourse forum, the images will be displayed just like on our blog
  • At times we do embed external links on our blog and we will like the Image or video is from the external sites to be embed on our website using OpenGraph or Oembed if they support it.
  • Just like YouTube, we will like to create an embed button for our images so that users can copy the code to embed our images in our format to the website

Please let me know if you need any more details.


MOD, we have now done this ourselves and the thread can be closed. Thanks.

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