Onebox Twitter embedding

(Scott Rubin) #22

Oh, thanks! Is it possible to do that without actually allowing Twitter logins?

(Arpit Jalan) #23

Disable enable twitter logins and just provide twitter consumer key & twitter consumer secret.

(Scott Rubin) #24

Tried it. It didn’t work. Embedded tweets still do not contain images.


Some long tweets with images don’t work

Shorter tweets with images works

It exists since the new twitter policy regarding links and images in the 140 characters count

(David Taylor) #26

I’ve just submitted a PR which should fix this:

(Chris Beach) #27

@david - thank you! We do a lot of Twitter oneboxing and found the truncation very annoying.

(Tim) #28

This is terrific - my forum users really need this.

Is this merged into a future release or something we have to do to modify in our existing installations?


Just upgrade on latest version, it should be good :

  • via
  • or SSH into your server and do these commands :

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

I don’t think you need to add the twitter consumer key and twitter consumer secret in your admin settings but I’m only 99% sure

(David Taylor) #30

Yep - it’s all merged into master and working great on my forum

I’m afraid you will need to add these keys to your site settings - the data is fetched via the twitter API rather than opengraph/oembed.


It’s always the 1% left

(Arpit Jalan) #32

I just pushed a small improvement for Twitter onebox. The onebox will now show like and retweet count.