Onebox v1.8.41 is broken :( PR ready :)

v1.8.41 released yesterday was sadly broken (travis, rake, )

Fix broken v1.8.41 by timdiggins · Pull Request #381 · discourse/onebox · GitHub has one version of a fix


PS – workaround (if needed in meantime) is to:

  • either avoid v1.8.41,

    gem 'onebox', '~> 1.8.13', '!=1.8.41'
  • or just include fast_blank in your Gemfile.

    gem 'onebox', '~> 1.8.13'
    gem 'fast_blank'

(maybe you are already implicitly or explicitly depending on fast_blank, in which case you don’t need to do anything.

OK this is fixed per:

I went with the Active Support implementation here, this does not need to be finely tuned really. strip.empty? is not exactly the same cause there are missing unicode blanks there.


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