Oneboxing large images fails with no visual cue

If you upload the image, it will be optimized before the upload happens.


Also, you can see the limit in the browser console


Let’s forget what you see here; it’s misleading with your issues.

From what I tested on your forum, posting an image link works well.
That would be welcome if you could provide another concrete example.

One thing that bothers me is why this image, for example, is still failing on your forum (and I can’t reproduce it elsewhere)

From what I see, the cache is only 1h.


There are two ways images can be oneboxed and unfortunately, only one was handled correctly. This should be fixed in:


Thanks for looking in to this Bianca :smiley:

images can be oneboxed by the AllowlistedGenericOnebox or ImageOnebox and only AllowlistedGenericOnebox was handled correctly

Are you able to tell if this bug was a regression? :thinking:

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Hi Richie :slight_smile:

Please tell us if this change fixes your issue when it’s live.


I’ve looked at the code changes in the commit from Bianca, looks promising :crossed_fingers:t2:

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The fix has been merged, updating should resolve the issue on your site as well.

I think this has been a bug from day 1.


The fix was merged and this is what will be displayed now when we link a remote image too large to be downloaded to Discourse when download remote images to local is set to true.