Fetching images from newspaper websites is failing

On a very popular blog site I visit that uses Discourse for comments …

One-boxes of any/all links to on-line news publications (really the only ones I typically post there) have not worked for a week or so now. The one-boxes failed entirely for several days (no one-box - just a URL) and then one-boxes worked again but any images now only show up in the comment preview box, but once the comment is posted, the image is missing. All we see in the one-box is
Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 22.45.44

Happens to links to The Guardian, Washington Post and others. Is this the same issues as referred to above? Seems like a generic Discourse issue rather than a local site issue.

ETA - I may have to retract the above. Just posted a link from another newspaper and all was well. So perhaps it is something (well, two successive somethings) the newspapers in question both did on their respective websites? Sigh.


I was still seeing this on 2.9.beta6 - then reset to OFF (default) the following setting:

Convert remote (hotlinked) images to local images by downloading them; This preserves content even if the images are removed from the remote site in future.

Now it seems to have fixed that problem.

Counter intuative much? :thinking:


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I believe this has been sorted now: :+1:

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