Oneboxing Reddit topics with images isn't working right

I’ve tried searching on here for this but I can’t see that anyone’s raised it.

Basically it seems like on DrownedInSound for some sites when I paste a URL and at the other end there’s an image the post just displays the image but it isn’t a link back to it.

E.g. this reddit thread has the first post as an image only (description is in the title):
and when I just paste the URL in my post it becomes completely free of all context:

The same thing happens with Flickr:
is rendered as only the picture

If you quote the post you get the link back so you can still effectively get it again. I assume there’s a fault somewhere in the way it’s parsing these URLs. I know Instagram did this for a brief period but it’s working again.

Or is this due to the sites themselves?



This happens due to 2 things.

  1. Rich link previews with Onebox

  2. We have a site setting called download remote images to local which copies all images to your site to avoid “hotlinking” which is super bad mojo.

What you seem to be asking for here is:


Which is done like so:

So I guess the feature request here is, can you always include source for image oneboxes?

Now I am not strictly against this, but not sure if it should be default behavior, I get the “automatic attribution” argument, however stuff is still attributed in the post edits if you want to dig.


Right, cheers for that. Having looked over the OneBox thing I can see that this is what I am expecting when posting external links. Or otherwise I just expect to see the URL displayed for someone to click on.

In these cases I think it’s that OneBox is failing because these images aren’t being downloaded so we’re getting a full hotlinking, as you say.

Now following the OneBoxing thread when I post that Reddit page into the iFramely site I get the sort of preview I’d expect to see here


So something seems to be failing. I mean yes, I can provide the URL separately as I did in my original post (although I didn’t know about the ‘source’ tags, interesting) but it seems like I shouldn’t have to?

So does that mean OneBoxing is at fault or is it something else?

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:


You’re talking about two very different things:

  1. Linking a reddit topic.

  2. Deep linking to a specific image in a reddit topic.

A reddit link looks like this

A reddit deep link to an image looks like this

However you’re correct that our Reddit onebox is kind of failing here and making the whole Reddit topic look like “just an image” which it should not do. We should fix that.

(Note that this only happens for reddit topics that are image based, e.g. this works fine.)


Yeah I meant specifically web links that happen to contain images being turned into an ‘orphaned’ image in the post.

I don’t normally just stick the URLs for images into the post (or the upload button option) because your fancy copy ‘n’ paste system works so well!



@maja can you fix the reddit onebox with links to Reddit topic that only have an image?

We should extract the title at the very least. If possible, the author, the reddit name, the post date.



Looks good! :+1: