Odd behavior when sharing topics with hidden content at the top or that start with links

I’ve noticed this a few times, and I’m wondering if this is a bug. If you have a topic with non-text content at the start (e.g. an image, a youtube video link) and then text to follow…

…when you share that link and it unfurls, the preview text includless the media content’s text descriptions, which just seems odd.

For example. I have this post in my community:

When we share that locally in our community and it unfurls, it starts with [header-image] which is the text-based name of the uploaded media, and the same with the video below it.

It would be great if media like this was ignored when unfurling these shared topics.


This looks related to

I’ll add a note to look at this one when we’re fixing that.


I like that the images are not suppressed in oneboxes. Sometime the text only works in context with the image. Then it is important to know there is an image in the post, so you know you have to visit the post to see all information.
I wish we would also have indicators for quotes and links. So you would know there is more in the post then the preview shows.

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@sp-jordan-violet Appreciate the feedback! :bowing_man: I’ve recategorized this as ux and added the onebox tag so it comes up as a data point as we explore improving the onebox UX in future.

Having the media content’s text description still present in the excerpt of the onebox is intentional and signals that there’s some additional media to be seen within that excerpt when it is expanded.

This aligns with the behaviour of oneboxing of external links (except that we do render those as thumbnails), but there’s some styling & performance considerations that we’ve had to trade off against when approaching whether to render it fully in local oneboxes’ excerpt; hence the use of the media content’s text description instead.