Onesignal intégration / push notifications

Hi All,

i try to setup the onesignal service :

so i did :

But i’m facing this error in the onesignal dashboard :

it fail to load this file :“bliblaapinumber”

I guess i’m failing at uploading the sdk onesignal files. Any idea on how to do so ? on a digital ocean instance ?
@pmusaraj maybe you have an idea ?

Many thanks,

Did you setup OneSignal to send Web Push Notifications? The discourse-onesignal plugin should only be used for iOS notifications, the screen above with the “Service Worker 404” error does not look like an iOS issue.

So, if you’re trying to set up OneSignal for an iOS app, the first step is good (installing the discourse-onesignal plugin), but the second step should be to start setting up the app according to the instructions in the repository at GitHub - pmusaraj/discourse-mobile-single-site-app: Single-site app wrapper for a Discourse site. Supports Push Notifications via OneSignal.


thank you @pmusaraj,

i was trying to use the web push notification. This is why it wasn’t working. thanks for your help.


Hi all,

what is the system that connects player-id from Onesignal with userid in Discourse?
I searched but on my users list in Onesignal there is no data about the discourse user and in discourse I was not able to find any reference to the Onesignal user.



The username is sent to OneSignal as a tag (and the discourse plugin uses that as its target for push notifications).

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I see your point but my users have an empty tag on the Onesignal dashboard

but the push is working…