Only paid members access to discourse

At this time i’m testing Wordpress with discourse. This works good.
Only with SSO i want to have only customers accessing the forum who only have a paid membership with Paid Memberships Pro.

Is this possible ?

Yes, this is possible.

You can make your Discourse site private (see login required under admin settings) and only accessible to members, so if you are using SSO from your Wordpress site, they can register / sign-in there, then access your Discourse forum. Otherwise it will be closed.


ok thanks.
i have done that , but i have different levels of membership, lets say:

Free (1 month) (no access)
Supporter ( no access)
Hereo (access)
Elite (access)

I think, I‘ve seen some membership plugin here at meta before. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it.

There are ways to achieve this without plugins, but if that is what is wanted, then maybe check out: ProCourse Memberships 💸


i have Wordpress as my SSO and Paid Memberships Pro as my payment and membership plugin in wordpress. I’m syncing users. Can i automatically add users to the different groups ?

Have you already read this guide?