WP + Discourse SSO Continuity Issue

How do I configuration WP + Discourse SSO so that there is only a single way to register or sign-on? My intention is a paid membership community, with WordPress public and forum viewable only to membership. My WP + Discourse SSO plugin config isn’t active yet, but is located at:

https://zed.im (WordPress)
https://mt.zed.im (Discourse)

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If you use a membership plugin on your WordPress site, users who sign up for a membership can be given access to your Discourse forum. Without adding some custom code, the only way to do this is to add the members to your Discourse forum manually. With some custom code, members can be automatically added to your Discourse forum when they sign up on WordPress.

The difficulty in automatically adding members to a forum is that there are quite a few WordPress membership plugins, and the all work a little differently.

I’ve created a plugin that integrates the wp-discourse plugin with the WishList Member plugin. It still needs some testing, so I haven’t released it publicly, but if you’d like to try it out, get in touch with me.

There is someone who has requested a plugin to integrate wp-discourse with the Memberships Pro plugin. That plugin has a free version, so I’m interested in seeing if I can get it to work.

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Thanks Simon, I spent some time on the WishList website and just got no sense of the kind of transparency and support infrastructure you immediately are made aware of on the Paid MembershipsPro site.

The Coleman’s software is Open-Source with a whole library of tutorials and sample code for its modification. If WishList has that I haven’t found it. I was parsing through Jason and Kimberly’s forum and was also impressed with their attitude and how other clients appear to regard them.

Anyway, you may not have meant to but you sold me PMP.

I’m interested in making a project out of customizing it to our needs, if you are interested.
I have a licensed copy of Avada and plan on using Gravity Forms, the Discourse Patreon Plugin, and PMP to create a Registration/Sign On Landing Page. The intention is to design it so the Patreon plugin is an option, not a systemic requirement.

Please let me know what you think about my concept.


I just took a look at the PaidMembershipPro plugin. It seems that it will be possible to convert the wp-discourse-wishlist plugin to work with it. The idea of combining Discourse/WordPress with membership plugins makes a lot of sense to me.