Open Badges Integration

Hello ,
Is there any chance i could use OpenBadges on my discourse instance?


Could you put a link to what that is?

here it is !

I see this was asked as well by @erlend_sh a while ago here:

I like that, though basically what you’re saying is it should be possible to make activities within a certain category grant users special badges. It doesn’t have to be specific to ‘meta’.

Also just realized that there’s been no mention of Open Badges16 and its accompanying Badges Backpack7 yet, so, there ya’ll go! This standard by Mozilla should definitely be supported. An example implementation for WordPress is BadgeOS6, from Credly2.

Lastly, I want to see badge nominations (this is also demonstrated in the BadgeOS plugin). Getting automatic badges for forum activity is one thing, but awarded a badge as a result of human beings recognizing your efforts, that’s a real treat.

I don’t see any huge technical hurdles, although I’m not a Discourse expert by any means - I think it’s doable, but you’re going to want someone who really knows what they are doing to develop the plugin - they look at a quick glance structurally different than the badges discourse uses so they are at a minimum going to need to poke around with that code, not to mention the UI. If i’m understanding it right, it would need to integrate with mozillas servers as well to pull the users badges etc… unless I’m missing something (which is VERY possible) this seems like it would be a pretty big integration.


Continued here: