OpenBadges Integration

I am working on a discourse setup to be used as a discussion board for a school. One of features requested was integration with Mozilla OpenBadges so students have a centralized group of badges of applications which we would like to include discourse.

I have seen some posts on integration of OpenBadges and discourse but nothing looks concrete. I wanted to know if anyone was successful in integrating OpenBadges and discourse? or if anyone has resources or tips that might be useful?


I don’t believe it’s been done yet. @LeoMcA and @nukeador might have more info.

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There’s nothing I’m aware of.

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Do you have any suggestions or tips on how to approach integrating OpenBadges into discourse

Not really, as I don’t know OpenBadges more than the general idea of it. You should look at existing #plugin for clues.

Maybe look at how our Patreon plugin combines our concepts of badges and groups with the Patreon API.

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I will check it out. Thanks