Open source Gamification system (badges, points etc)


I’m trying to find an open source gamification framework for a website project.

I found Gamification Software - Consulting, Integration and Implementation (GitHub - ActiDoo/gamification-engine: gamification-engine (gengine) is a framework for developing gamification features for your application) but I was wondering if there are other?

Discourse’s gamification features has a lot of the functionality I’m after. Are all the features built from scratch or are they built on top of some framework?

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There is the GitHub - discourse/discourse-gamification official plugin that may be of help to you!

They are all from scratch, both the ones in core Discourse and in the new Gamification plugin.

Interesting. I thought there would be at least a couple mature open source gamification projects. I wonder why no one has come up with one? :slight_smile: Great business opportunity? :wink: