Option for scheduled replies

Hi all,

Would it be somehow possible to use “scheduled” replies, similar to how you can do this in Gmail?

We use the forum for support and sometimes it could be useful to delay a reply.

Is it technically possible to create a plugin for this perhaps?



It is easy to do currently with the Discourse API.

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I’d like our moderators to be able to do this from the frontend though. Something like this:


Post it in a different category, one that nobody can see – such as the staff category that comes with Discourse by default – and then issue a topic timer via the admin wrench on the topic to publish it to a different category.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks, that’s something we can try for now. It still takes a couple of clicks to do this though. Is it technically possible to create a scheduled reply button like in my screenshot? If so, I know I can ask a developer to dive into it.


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Is there any plans on going through with this for the newest version?

I have been looking into other ways to “get around” this, but in this case, I want to schedule a reply, not a whole topic. For now, is there a theme or plugin that is able to be developed (or an existing one) that can accomplish this? Is there a way that this could be integrated into the core build of Discourse?

gentle bump on this. It would be a really useful feature to have to for people who are non admins but sometimes have NDA until a certain time , or want to drip information out

I had someone code this. It’s working great for us:

You get an extra button:

With a choice to delay the reply by 24, 48, or 72 hours.




Hi, any pointers on how to install this. When I try to add it as a theme using from a github repository. I get this error message:

An error occurred: Import Error: about.json does not exist, or is invalid. Are you sure this is a Discourse Theme?

This is a plugin and not a theme or theme-component. You need to follow Install Plugins in Discourse