Can I post different replies on certain schedules?

Wow this is really cool - I wish I’d come across this earlier! I’m grateful it’s included on business plan.

Can it post different replies on a certain schedule? It seems not yet though, from what I see in the description.

For the purpose i’m thinking of:

We have icebreakers and other fun prompts for public topics. What we currently do is very manual:

  • we have a private topic by leaders & staff, where we reply with different icebreaker prompts
  • each day, when it’s time to choose an icebreaker, we change the timestamp of the topic to the current time
  • then we split out the relevant post and move it to the public Icebreaker topic, and @mention the icebreaker group on our community

This is the same process for several community topics and events that we have.

It would be nice if we could have a way to submit a list of posts to be automatically posted as replies on another topic, on a recurring basis (e.g. daily).

Let me know if this is possible with this automation plugin! If not, I’d like to add as a feature request — the ability to schedule a list of replies to a topic in some way.

Edit: I just noticed the new setup for official plugins on Meta. I can create a new feature request / support topic depending on what fits, or also feel free to move this reply to the right category.

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It looks like our use case is covered! Discourse Team set up the plugin on our forum since it was missing.

I just had to make new automations to schedule different replies, rather than reuse the same one.


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