Option or consideration for hiding all of a single users content

Is there an option or has there consideration been a consideration made for…

hiding (temporarily) all content posted by a single user


At some-point all content posted by a user will need review and editing to remove personal details. Until that time I would like to ensure the content is hidden from everybody except moderators and admins.

The reason is that one user is struggling with a real-life “stalker”.

Whilst the majority of the content this user has posted is not in the public facing part of the site (so no Google cached results / archive), in some cases simply signing up for an account would provide access to user posts which are in need of review.

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Yes, I would like that feature certainly! :wink:

I am not sure I entirely follow, why not just delete the user so all the content is withdrawn for sure?

  • Immediate action is sometimes important
  • user safety
  • I can imagine legal issues are important for other communities
  • Deletion is not an action that can be committed to immediately when:
  • multiple parties are involved
  • a review process needs to take place
  • Hiding the content is an action which:
  • could take place immediately
  • could be undone if on review the moderators or admins

I proposed this as a feature request because this would have been very handy today.

  • Only public facing content needed to be reviewed
  • All private categorised content needed to be kept.
  • If the feature existed I or a moderator could have pressed one button, hidden the user content and I could have gotten on with my day.

I don’t have any pressing need for this feature now - hopefully this kind of situation won’t arise again.