Option to hide IP addresses from moderators

Over the years there’s been some requests for hiding user emails from moderators and that’s been addressed with the moderators view emails setting — thank you! :pray:

Usually these requests come from privacy concerns (eg: GDPR, specially in the context non-paid volunteers), compliance, etc.

Besides email addresses, there’s another piece of private information that remains visible today: IP addresses.

We are aware it could be hidden with CSS, but that’s a half-hack that doesn’t really protect private data and makes life for admins a bit harder since they can’t see it either.

Also, I know that one recommendation is to use TL4 instead and this is what we do at the moment. But, we would like to have these team members to have proper visibility into the health of the community (dashboard charts) and also help with the reviewing flagging which TL4 can’t do (not forum wide, just if they are category mods).

With the moderators view emails setting, the only thing that is stopping us from using proper moderators is that they still have access to IP addresses. While they are trusted members to do tasks like reviewing flags, the access to IP addresses requires too much overhead to do it (eg: signed contracts for GDPR compliance, training, etc).

Hence, our suggestion for a feature: a moderators view ip addresses setting, that would allow hiding IP addresses from moderators. These appear on user profiles (might be simpler to address), and also on the Logs section (perhaps a less trivial change).

I’m aware this is not not high priority and only affects particular scenarios such as ours. Nonetheless, I would like to leave this here for others who may have use for this to chime in too.