Option to keep header docked with custom header above?

I noticed that without a custom header, the main header is always docked. With a custom header on top of the normal header it starts undocked and docks when you scroll causing a ‘jump’; it doesn’t feel smooth.

I can understand the reasoning for this if the content above the header is huge and you don’t want it in view once you scroll, but I would like to keep mine in view as it is just a thin header.

I’m aware some CSS changes need to be made to make it work nicely, but I’ve made those changes and my extra header would work nicely docked 100% of the time.

The custom header theme component won’t work for me because I need to be able to put whatever I want there without being restricted by a template.

Would it be easy enough to offer the docking as a setting to be turned on/off in site settings?

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