Our discourse overload because of a custom plugin. Please help me

We have around 12000 users.
I have run discourse on a 2core 4g server for a month. And It has 30M bandwidth.
I believe it should be enough. At first, it runs well. However, the server always shows 90% usage in the past few days. It usually takes me 4-5 seconds to open the latest page.
I disable all plugins and components on safe mode, It is still very slow.
How could I do?

not even a peak time

latest page response
(Oh,It gets slower. around 6.5 seconds)

databse size, tiny :expressionless:

12000 is a fair amount. How many page views a day? How many concurrent users?

I’d at least double the core count.


Thank you robert!
This is the page views.

I’m not sure about the num of concurrent users.

:/var/www/discourse# netstat -an|awk '/tcp/ {print $6}'|sort|uniq -c
     16 FIN_WAIT1
      7 FIN_WAIT2
      2 LAST_ACK
      7 LISTEN
      2 SYN_RECV
    335 TIME_WAIT

Now there are about 200 established connections.
Is discourse very cpu dependent? :face_with_monocle:


Oh wow, that’s a LOT of page views!!! Most by logged in users.

I think it’s pretty obvious your two cores are maxed out.

Upgrade your VPS to 4 cores if not 8. You have seriously outgrown this server.

Do it fast to avoid losing your loyalty.


Oh, thanks!
Our current vps is using Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8269CY CPU @ 2.50GHz (2 core) from AliCloud. Could you please give me any recommendation for cloud service provider?

Why not stick with Alicloud to begin with? Any problems with them? Do they offer a bigger server? Easier to migrate using same credentials and account.

I love Scaleway personally but their locations in Europe may not suit you. (That said I have a lot of US users and you can always add a CDN)


You could also add a CDN if you don’t already use one:


We need 4 cores/8 cores. AliCloud provide 4 cores vps with a price of 70 USD(monthly) :expressionless: and NO 8 cores plan.
My alternatives are hetzner, contabo, netcup,greencloud (almost from Germany, and yes they provide with cheap prices)
Have you ever hosted a discourse on their servers? Thank you! :flushed:

No but Hetzner is a great choice.

Please checkout scaleway.com if you can host in Europe.


Here’s a 4 core with 500Mb/s bandwidth and 8GB RAM on Scaleway.

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Thank you! I’ll look at scaleway.
Could you please tell me about your plans and the size of the discourse(about concurrent users etc.) as a reference?

Mine is much much lower. I have 5,000 users, only 10 active at any one time max. It’s a pretty niche board. I would not use it as comparison. It survives on a 2GB, 2 Core machine.


I believe we need 8 core vps because the number of users is growing rapidly every day.
Scaleway is a very good choice. Thank you very much Robert!


No problem. I’m very curious about the outcome, please post back your stats here post migration.

Then maybe add a CDN too and post stats after?

Good luck! (you’ll be fine, great problem to have!).


Of course I will post it :hugs:
Maybe I should change category of the topic to “hosting” :face_with_monocle:


Oh sorry.
By the way, do you think we need vps with Ryzen cpu?(or normal) :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Any X86 VPS will be fine. 8 Core is good idea.


ok, I’ll look at 8 core ones.