Overwriting avatars now that they're uploaded


(Becky Herndon) #1

We just finished migration and launched community on discourse. The community is happy!

Our forum is 100% sso based. During user import, and after we went live we had some settings in the wrong configuration for avatars, and now we have a mixed bag of them. I think I know what we have to do but I wanted to check.

The settings were:

  • sso overrides avatar on
  • automatically download gravatars on
  • allow uploaded avatars on
  • the payload variable avatar_force_update was not included, because our engineer read somewhere that it’s only required if the image served up by the URL changes, and that’s not the case with S3 urls

We ended up with 3 groups of custom avatar images; sso uploaded, gravatars, and user uploaded. We fixed the settings but the damage was done. Around 50 users are in the state where they have a non-sso avatar. Forcing them to log out and back in doesn’t fix it because the payload variable isn’t set.

I am pretty sure the answer is to set avatar_force_update to true in the payload. But is there a shortcut in the settings or file management instead?

(Arpit Jalan) #2

I am afraid not. Sending avatar_force_update in payload as true is the only way to get this done.