Owners are not assignable when Group created via API call

NOTE: please see my second post below for the real issue.

I am attempting to programatically create groups via the DiscourseApi (ruby gem). The Groups module seems to indicate that owner_usernames is an optional param:

and I’m passing it through as:

owner_usernames: ['ben']

However the actual request to Discourse is not working because that parameter is not a whitelisted parameter:

Processing by Admin::GroupsController#create as JSON
  Parameters: {"group"=>{"full_name"=>"Super Test Group", "mentionable_level"=>"3", "messageable_level"=>"3", "name"=>"super-test-group", "owner_usernames"=>["ben"], "visibility_level"=>"1"}, "api_key"=>"[FILTERED]", "api_username"=>"ben"}
Unpermitted parameter: :owner_usernames. 

Is this intentional/by design or should I submit a PR to allow owner_usernames to be mass-assigned? For my integration’s purpose, I need the group to be “owned” by the username making the API request.

Now that I’m looking at Discourse, I see where the owner_ids should be being assigned. Still looking at what user_groups.build does and where that relationship actually gets saved. I may be misunderstanding it, but it appears that those relationships are never saved, only the group.save is called whereas the group_users are only built [build]. Does group.save actually call throught to group.group_users to persist the relationships?

It may be that this use-case was missed because most folks create a group first and then assign an owner to it. In this case the group is already persisted and you’re then using add_owners?

If this is the bug I think it is, this would also apply to adding group users (not just owners) within the #create method.

And there it is.

owner_usernames and usernames should be a comma-delimted string, not an array. Sorry for the false report.

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