Padding increased on Discourse app title?

With the recent release of 2.0 I noticed that the padding in the title of an instance in the Discourse app has changed. I don’t know whether; this is a Discourse issue, an app-only issue, or our CSS

Until about 2 weeks ago when our site was updated, the title of our community showed like this in the app:

After the recent changes, the padding for the site name has changed dramatically, so that the menu bar covers most of the top line of admin links (the page will not scroll further so hitting ‘Users’ or ‘Dashboard’ is tricky now on mobile), as here:

How can this padding be changed? We did not make any changes on our CSS, so it came from the latest release AFAIK

Note: our site design requirements were for a central logo, so we cannot use the logo instead of the site name in this space, which I realise is the default design.

You are going to have trouble with a text title that long on mobile. I suggest a logo title instead.

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I hear you, BUT …

We were asked to keep the logo central to better match design of the main site, so the only option without major customisation was to do this via CSS and to NOT add a logo in the box so that it displayed the name instead. We are in the process of looking at the design.

However, this has worked sufficiently well until recently. I accept that the two line name is not ideal, but the issue is with the current padding and I would like to change that so that it returns to how it worked until recently. Is there any reason it was changed and cannot have the option of changing back?

You can certainly modify the CSS to your taste via Admin, Customize; nobody is stopping you from doing so.