Page reloaded when save custom CSS

Whenever I make changes and save to the custom CSS, all users currently on the site are reloaded but CSS always fail to load the first time. Is this a bug or feature? Is there anyway we can make changes to the CSS and have minimal effects to users?

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Not sure, this is @sam’s area of expertise.

For sure, be sure to change your CSS on a non enabled customisation, get it just right (you have preview button).

Once you are 100% it is all good enable the customization in the wild.


I’ve tried even when saving a non-enabled customization, users’ screens are refreshed without CSS loaded the first time.

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I can confirm this behavior @sam you should test it yourself and see.

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Is there any plan or ETA when to address this issue?

I am unable to repro issues here anymore, assuming it was fixed, please flag to reopen if it is still an issue.

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