Pages from Google search are not rendering

I was checking how Google indexed posts the middle of long topic. I selected a random string here on meta and searched, Google found it and returned

this link with page=7 at the end. Clicking the link returns a blank page.

I believe that happened because we removed a lot of posts from this topics, so eventually google will found that the pages have changed.

Could be. But I just copied and pasted that text from an existing post moments ago so the post was there today.

Yeah, it is there but on a lower page number, since that topic doesn’t stretch to 7 pages anymore.


I get it. Thanks, @Falco.

That explains why the page is blank, but can something be done about it?

“Hmmm, you’re apparently tried to go past the end of this topic. Did you want to start at the beginning, go to the last page, or search this topic?”

That would be great, maybe using the same logic we use when the post number is greater than the existing one, example: Pages from Google search are not rendering


Looks like @eviltrout’s double title fix doesn’t work for this case.

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