[PAID] Assistance to Set-up My Forum

I am looking for someone to help me get our forum looking and working sharp from a UX standpoint. I haven’t been able to wrap my head around the set-up myself, and the email support from Discourse isn’t leading me anywhere. Basically looking for someone who could make adjustments as I see them going forward.

1 week (not a hard deadline)

Don’t want to spend more than $500, not sure how much work is needed though and would like to discuss.


Hi, could you explain a bit more what do you need to be worked on?


I would like to change the size of the header/logo, enter custom fonts for the body text (one font) and headers/category names (another font), change the category listing style. These are some of what I see at the moment but there will likely be some other stuff that I see going forward as I get it closer to ready.

There are some example Discourse forums I’d like to mimic in a way too.

How many Discourse forums have you worked on if I might ask?


Hi, these tasks seem to fit my skills. :slight_smile:
I have my own Discourse forum connected to a WP site and I’ve customized a #marketplace client header a few days ago to match the corresponding WP too.


I found some examples of forums made with Discourse…not saying I want something like these, but whjat would you say your abilities would be to make something like this? I can see how flexible the platform is and want to have something that looks very nice, unique visually.



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I’m not a designer so I can only do customizations for which you already have a design or clear ideas of.

I can customize as your will with CSS and add custom images, fonts, icons and stuff like this but I’ve not learned yet how to edit the forum template files (change the html etc).

The forums you linked seem to be using only css customization tough. They are pretty standard besides SecopsHUB large custom header, which may be a Discourse plugin, or custom css/html which can be done too since discourse allows adding html in some places without having to edit the templates.

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FYI, there may be useful resources to help develop those types of themes which would give @Canapin a head start on the theme components.

Gems of War

Gems of War has been of interest to others so it might be worth asking if anyone has developed theming they’d share even if Gems of War’s themes aren’t publicly available:

SecOps Hub

You might look at the theming of Feverbee:

@pfaffman, Literate Computing, created a theme component based on it:


Okay, I think this could work. I can try to give you clear ideas based on the inspiration website? See below:

I think this look is closer to what we would want: https://forums.republicwireless.com/
Does this look just like CSS customization or has the whole forum template been edited?

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I think this forum uses the Material theme.
The header probably uses versatile banner component. I’m not sure about how they made the “learn more” button. It’s either a component’s included feature or added javascript.

The forum also uses the category icons component. I’ve already used this one once for test purposes.

I see no further modifications at first sight except maybe a bit of CSS tweaks.

So there should be no issue to customize your forum a similar way as long as I have all the design instructions. :slightly_smiling_face:


We could leave some stuff out if it is just a small detail but not necessary.

Cool…so how would this work with payment?
What are you thinking the cost of developing this might look like?
Do you have a contract that could be used?

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I’ll send you a direct message.


Thanks canapin!

Canapin was a pleasure to work with for anyone seeing this in the future. Super responsive and quick to implement and followed instructions extremely well.