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One of my forums needs to move from hosting. It is running without problems, it uses few plugins and only the official ones.

I have analyzed DiscourseHosting, but I want to compare that service with DigitalOcean-style hosting (or similar). We have more than 250k Pageviews/month.

I want to hire a person to perform the migration.
I do not know how much the migration can cost, I have tried to contact some web pages that I found in google about people who do this type of services, but no one has yet responded to my queries.

So the idea is to find someone here who can help me.

In addition to the migration service that I would pay to the person responsible for the migration, this person should include in their service how to configure DigitalOcean, and how to make future updates via SSH or other troubleshooting.

The phrase “cheap will always be expensive” worries me.
I don’t want to have headaches every month, if anyone thinks DigitalOcean (or similar) will be a headache, I would appreciate it if you could tell me now. =)

I await answers from potential developers or admins who can help me and tell me how much they would charge for their services, so I contact them privately to continue the negotiations.

Thank you.


If you go this route just pay for back ups, they can be a lifesaver if anything gets to out of hand,

honestly, if you have no time crunch, you can likely migrate this yourself without to much risk
and are so inclined to try it.

Thanks for your prompt response.

I really tried to read the official documentation here in meta and the docs from DigitalOcean about “how to migrate”, or “install selft-hosting”, but honestly I don’t have enough knowledge to understand what said documentation says. I feel so insecure in that field, and I don’t want to stick my finger in and go with a migration crisis :lol:

That why I prefer pay to someone who has this experience.


Well, I can help you unless Robert proposes his services since he replied first. :slight_smile:


I’ll be happy to help. My standard install packages are here: Discourse Installation Packages — Literate Computing, LLC. I can help you with maintenance in a variety of ways and pricing levels. You can contact jay@literatecomputing.com or this form: Contact — Literate Computing, LLC.


During your comparison, you might want to consider how all those costs and efforts are adding up and compare that to our offering. You will end up:

  • paying DigitalOcean for your hosting,
  • paying DigitalOcean for your backups,
  • paying one of the above people for installation,
  • paying and/or managing your external email, Akismet, MaxMind API key
  • and within a year or so you will be paying one of those people again for a difficult update or for troubleshooting.

My service was simple encouragement, haven’t done a migration so I’ll take a back seat :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @SidV

Some of my customers have moderately sized (5k+ users and about 100k+ pageviews) running on digitalocean. We do run on the latest tests-passed builds and update bi-weekly in general. Instead of some minor bugs in core we’ve never had any significant issues.

You can definitely move to a bigger hosting with very minimal downtime.

If you’re looking to hire someone for this project, I’m available for hire. Feel free to get in touch on bhanu@orng.co and we can discuss.


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