[PAID] Custom Header to Match WordPress Site

What would you like done?

I am looking for someone to match the header of a WordPress site with the header of a discourse forum. The WordPress site is a membership site and provides SSO for the forum.

All images, colors and links will be provided. The goal is to have a matching header at the top of the screen in the forums, no matter where you are. This would function like the main header on a website.

When do you need it done?

Flexible but I imagine this will be standard work for someone experienced.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Open to offers.

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Hi, here are my website and matching discourse headers; do you need something like that? :
site: https://monocycle.info/
forum: https://forum.monocycle.info/
I might be able to help you. Do you need dynamic or user-related data in the header?


Yes something like that. If you can provide me with contact info I can send you the details. I don’t need any dynamic or user related data in the header.


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Sure, I’ll send you a direct message.

This work is now completed. @Canapin did a great job! The header came out perfect and everyone in our organization is very happy with the outcome.