Wordpress in header, Discourse in footer ? Both sticky

I would like to achieve a visual integration of wordpress and discourse. In stead of mixing the header from both Discourse and wordpress, I want to put wordpress in the header as a sticky thing and the header from Discourse in the footer as a sticky thing. It does not matter if it is wordpress header-html, I put in a discourse-site, or if I put a discourse header as a sticky footer in a wordpress-site. Nor is it necessary to have the discourse sticky footer present, if I am not visiting the forum, but just browsing the wordpress-site. But it would be nice. It would also be nice to have the discourse search work, while being a sticky footer.

This did not work: Sticking footer to the bottom

Any way this can be easily achieved by copy/pasting html or is it complicated javascript ?

I hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.

A good example of that is this Wordpress site: https://wyze.com/ and this Discourse site: https://forums.wyzecam.com/. The integration was achieved by styling the Discourse site to match the WordPress styles. The easiest place to start with this is to customize the Discourse color scheme to match the color scheme that’s used on WordPress. On the Wyze site they have also re-created their WordPress site’s header by adding HTML to their theme’s Header section.

Achieving something similar isn’t necessarily complicated, but it’s not possible to just copy/paste HTML from WordPress to Discourse to achieve it. If you’d like to hire someone to do the work for you, you can create a topic in our #marketplace category to get some help. If you’d like to do the work yourself, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with Discourse’s theme system. The following topics will help with that:

There is quite a lot of information in those topics. You can also learn a lot by spending some time fooling around with the theme editor. Try making a few changes and see what happens.


Thank you so much for your kind help. I found it hard to express the idea in short. But the links do not have a sticky header and sticky footer at the same time.