[PAID] Custom header

I need a custom header, either basic like this one https://discuss.seasteading.org/

or preferably with dropdown menus that I can customise

Within the next couple of weeks ideally

25 - 100 USD


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Hi there :slight_smile: I’ll be happy to help with your request :slight_smile:
Basic header can be ready within 24 hours, dropdown menus would take considerably more time, but no more then a week. Am I understanding correctly that you’re hosting your forum with Discourse.org?


It shouldn’t be super complicated. We have a straight forward tutorial on it here:


Never said that they will be super complicated, just pointed out that they will take more time than 24 hours to me, considering my current workload etc. Thanks for pointing out the tutorial, didn’t notice it.
Of course if @James_Higginson would like to give it a try himself instead of my services, I believe he should :slight_smile: Every opportunity to learn new things is valuable!


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