[Paid] Data explorer queries for ticketing system use case

Part of [Paid] Meta-request for ticketing system related improvements.

We are testing Discourse as a ticketing system and we are missing some metrics that (hopefully) we could enable with the Data Explorer plugin and related queries. We are looking for someone experienced in SQL to write these queries.

We create quarterly reports with these metrics, which we use as performance indicators.

  • Time to first response for a given group, counted in business days (Monday to Friday + a set of annual holidays that could be introduced manually once a year).
  • Number of messages received in a given group.
  • Given a set of tags, number of messages and percentage of the total of messages with each tag in a given group.
  • Number of messages automatically filtered as spam for a given group.

Maybe any of these queries (or something pretty close) has been addressed in What cool data explorer queries have you come up with? or similar topics. I confess I haven’t scanned systematically.


Just FYI, this request is being funded. We plan to work on it in the upcoming weeks.

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Just a note to say that this [Paid] task has been commissioned and the work will start in April.


The first queries have been posted at What cool data explorer queries have you come up with?


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