[PAID] Discourse developer/designer to redesign homepage (tight deadline!)

Hiya everyone,

We’re a UK-based wine company, and we’ve been working with a Discourse developer we had recommended to us for the last six months, but sadly he’s let us down at very late notice and won’t be able to complete our redesign. This has left us in a challenging situation - we need some homepage redesign doing and fairly fast.

Work needed:

  • Change of logo, colour palette and font in line with a company rebrand
  • New header image, preferably including buttons to five popular content categories to aid navigation, plus a link to our main website.
  • Two small feeds to appear side-by-side above the list of latest topics, highlighting the most recent 3-5 topics which use a specific tag (‘Discovery’ and ‘recommended reading’) to highlight top content (this part isn’t dissimilar to a feature on Feverbee’s community homepage, if that helps?)
  • Potentially, help with a couple of plugins and making sure this update is in line with the latest version of Discourse

Deadline: 12th July! I know, that’s not a lot of time… I’d be open to just updating the logo/fonts/colours by this date and then working to complete the rest of the work by the end of July/early August if that’s possible?

Budget: we’d be open to guidance from developers on a fair rate for this, and we’re aware it’s a fairly hefty project and it’ll depend on plugins etc. We’re not looking for the cheapest rate, we’re looking for the fairest rate and a developer with good testimonials who’s able to help us get this project completed in a fast and efficient way.

Hoping we can find someone who can help, and apologies again for the very tight deadline! Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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I’m one of freelancers based here (and live in the UK! :smile:) and part of a small band that maintains and develops a few plugins and takes on new work.

Yes, you might want to consider splitting this work up. Get the basic branding done (focus on logo, site links) just to get you launched and then following up with enhancements later?

This kind of work takes longer. One shortcut is use what already exists that is open source. Have you considered using one of our the existing Topic List Preview plugin and using Featured Images to send people to relevant highlighted topics?


Laura, have PM’d you with proposed next steps.


Hi, Robert, can you help me with a similar project, please? I’m running a project for a company forum and we’d like to make the discourse homepage more user friendly and simple… I don’t know if its possible, but we have some ideas in mind based on Flarum

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Hi Tais, I’m sure our team would be delighted to help you. I will follow up on PM.



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