[Paid] Discourse plugin to disable HTML headers

I would like a native Discourse plugin to be developed which:

Disables HTML headers on the front-end. In Discourse, these are nativly applied to the front-end when markdown or HTML code such as H1, H2 is used. I would like no HTML header output at all time, and just 1:1 plain text output. Just like this attachment:

Budget: $100

Looking forward to your replies! Thanks :slight_smile:

You can get that with https://meta.discourse.org/raw/82890 (I think you’ll need to open it in a new tab).

Hi @pfaffman

Thanks for your reply, but I have no idea how to implement a /raw/ URL with the replies shown on the native front-end of Discourse :slight_smile: That’s why I need a plugin to do this (check out the screenshot)

I don’t think that you can do this without a plugin if you don’t use a /raw link. You could also use `` - symbols, it might be easier to apply as a plugin.
<h1> text here</h1>

Hi @William04GamerA

Yup, but most of my forum users don’t know this and keep unintentionally using markup and HTML headers in their replies. That’s why I need a plugin to disable HTML headers completely.

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I understand.

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