[Paid] Discourse theme develop

What would you like done?
We already have our own running forum, but the version of the forum is currently: v2.4.0.beta2. We have now designed a new theme for the front page of the forum and need help to implement the design development on our forum, but preferably based on the current old version to implement it.

Also have some little tasks,

  • like configuring badges for automated flow,
  • like marketplace, you can fix some statements when posting topics in a specific column

When do you need it done?

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Freely to contact me on discourse or email: chenyun@agora.io, we can decide on a quote based on specific hours of work after we have communicated about the project.

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That does not sound like a good idea. Advice: solve whatever is keeping you from updating first.


Sure, but the forum we already have now is another website’s cms, the situation is super complicated now, if we update to the latest, it may cause the website crashing.

I think what @RGJ is suggesting is to invest in updating your CMS integration to be compatible with the latest Discourse, as most developers try to develop for the latest tests-passed or stable releases of Discourse.

We’re currently updating and deprecating various developer APIs and tooling, so developing a new theme for a site that’s four major versions behind (v2.8 is out next week) is going to be expensive for both you and the developer in terms of time and money, as well as most likely being unsupportable going forward.

While sticking on an older version is nice for compatibility, we’d definitely recommend fixing the integration that has stuck you to an old version so you can continue getting support from our awesome developer community going forward. Not to mention to make sure your site gets the latest features and security patches!


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