[PAID] extra input fields for new topic

What would you like done?

I would like to add multiple input fields when creating a new topic in a specific category. Based on that the topic would be generated.

I am aware that Custom Wizard plugin is capable of such. Yet it’s such a complicated set up process that exceeds our requirements by far. We want to keep it simple instead

My idea is to use the category template for the syntax. Then we could use a similar syntax like the placeholder theme uses.

When do you need it done?

July 31st

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

50 USD for initial prototype/MVP/testing version for a single text input field.

We only want to implement it if it’s not overly complicated and the discourse theme/plugin engine allows the implementation easily.

Additional development will be funded based on the workload from there.


I found a possible workaround:

So if you can help me out to create a simple form that “constructs” this URL, send me private message


Maybe you want someone to help you do this? How to create a new topic button with category and topic template


That looks promising as well! Unfortunately I haven’t found a simple way yet to create a simple form to create a new topic (besides Custom Wizard Plugin which is overkill for my use case)

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