Create new topic via URL and set tag or category

I’m trying to use a simple html <a> to open a URL like

It works for title and body, but I’m not able to set the category via URL. Is it possible?
And is it possible to set a tag?

I need to do it via a simple click.

Thank you


It should work ok as per here:,planned

For example:,planned


If it’s not working @techAPJ can follow up; it should be working!

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It works great!!

It was my error: I was writing the category slug and not the category name.

Thank you


This has come up before @techAPJ. Bit me personally back in the day. Any reason why we only support name and not slug?

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Not sure actually. Might be because slug sounds technical.

It can either support name or slug. Should we deprecate name in favour of slug?

They are different things. Name does not equal slug.

Name would be

Games and Fun

slug would be


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I understand. By “slug sounds technical” what I meant was not everybody would understand the difference between name and slug. That’s why I added support for name instead of slug.

Moreover, name could be Quick: Unreliable Information Causes Knowledge and slug could be quick. So it’s not as easy at it sounds to deprecate name in favor of slug…


I do think site owners who are familiar with how the web works should understand the word “slug”, so it is not that technical IMO.

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Not anymore :slight_smile: