[PAID] Import from Legacy Postgres DB

What would you like done?

  • I have a postgres dump from an old legacy forum I built
  • I wrote most of the custom import script, but having trouble navigating docker to import the legacy db to the host running postgres and run the import script
  • It’s also possible my script has a few bugs to fix, as I haven’t run it yet.
  • I need someone to import the database dump & run/fix the migration script until data is imported

When do you need it done?

  • Ideally in 1-2 weeks (complete by ~Feb 14-20th)

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

  • I estimate 1-3 hours of work depending on knowledge of discourse installs / docker, willing to pay $200.
  • You can send me a private message to discuss

My rates for running even a known-working import script are beyond your budget, but you might have more luck testing your code if you install a development environment rather than trying to run in a Docker container. Here are instructions–mac, Ubuntu. You should be able to find windows in #howto:devs .


@sgjames I think @pfaffman is right. This sounds like potentially a lot more than 1-3 hours work, and my rates for an import are very much out of your price range too.

Converting a postgres dump from a completely different forum type into an import that preserves posts, authorship, and any other metadata in a Discourse-friendly way is potentially a significant piece of work.



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