Commercial turnkey phpBB to Discourse migration?

(Zdeněk Švarc) #1

Hi guys,

we are looking for commercial support for 300 MB sqldump phpBB (v3.1.10) forum. It would be great to just get volume file for dockerized Discourse. Does anybody provide support like that? Thanks.


(David Collantes) #2

This person does. He is at @pfaffman here.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

The size of the database isn’t very helpful. The number of posts is more useful in getting an idea. Typically, an import is US$250-500, depending on number of posts, whether the script behaves like you want (e.g., whether permalinks/301s work like you want) and how much you want to minimize downtime when you move to Discourse. (And thanks, @David_Collantes!)

My “no frills” import would give you an idea of what an import would be like.