[Paid] mailman to Discourse transition

An NGO using mailman for years now want to transition to Discourse.
Switch over should be smooth - ideally it shoud be possible to use both (old mailinglist / Discourse) to post during phase out period. (user base is used to mail, not very familiar with new services).
The NGO is situated in Austria/Vienna. German speaking preferred.

When: To be discussed - depending on resources.

Budget: Actually we need to get an idea first, how much we will need.

Thanks, marko

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I have a German last name, but don’t speak German. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend discussing discourse.org hosting as they may do the migration for you if you pay for business hosting for a year, and they have at least one person who speaks German.

Typically it’s best to do some trial migrations to get it dialed in, and then freeze the old system during the transition (typically 1-24 hours). Running two systems in parallel is a recipe for disaster and pain.


We can take care of the transistion for you, and take care of European hosting (Frankfurt) as well.
PM me for details. In order to give you a good estimate, we need some more information like how many messages / users we’re dealing with.

Obwohl Deutsch nicht meine Muttersprache ist, spreche ich es ausreichend und verstehe es sehr gut :wink:


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