[PAID] Modify existing Kunena 3 script to work with Kuena 4

I’m not a ruby developer but I tried using the current Kunena 3 import script on Kunena 4 data and it imports the users but fails before it imports all the posts. I looked in the DB but the User ID’s do not correspond to the same User ID’s in the Joomla table, so this will not work with SSO.

I’m looking for someone to tailor the Kunena import script to perfectly import my Kunena 4 db tables, making sure:

  • All users ID’s correspond so my SSO setup will work
  • Avatar is imported from field that I specify
  • All categories and posts are imported correctly and correspond to the correct users

Please let me know, thanks!

What’s your budget :moneybag: ?

Better if you give me a price for the work. You can PM if you want.

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