[Paid] Modify Topic List Preview plugin

What would you like done?
Make it so that user’s can choose which image within their post to have as the featured image in this plugin.




I’d be happy to chip in $50 too if this becomes part of the standard Topic List Preview plugin.


Let me experiment to see if there’s a low impact way of delivering that. I’ll also have a word with @angus about it.

I will PM both of you.


@wishspinner it might be good to spec this out a bit; how I imagine this is:

  • The OP can mark an image in any of their posts in a topic to select it as the featured thumbnail
  • The feature has a UX that’s easy to discover and use (as opposed to it being a markdown-only solution that most people won’t know about)

Does that match what you need?


@bartv yep, that’s what I imagined as well. As for execution, I was thinking of possibly even using another input field labeled ‘featured image’ that would default back to featuring the first image if it was left empty. Of course, this would have to be persistent if the post is edited.

Another thing I considered was modifying the image data somehow, prepending the filename with ‘featured_’ or wrapping it in a div class when the user highlighted it and selected a ‘Make featured image’ icon in the editor.

My experience with the platform is limited, so maybe it’s not possible (or very complex) to execute something like this. :woman_facepalming: What do you think?

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Yes I’d thought of that too as a simpler solution.

@angus is happy this work goes ahead and we aim to deliver a nice solution.

You may need to be patient though, because I have 3 PRs queued up as it is :wink:


Hi @merefield sure thing. I actually got a partial theme component going over the weekend with the client end of this working (I used the ‘wrap it in a div’ method with a new button in the editor.) It needs to be cleaned up, I’ll share it with you as soon as I have time to do that.

Now I just need help figuring out how/where in the plugin to grab the image in that div as the topic thumbnail. :thinking:

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