[PAID] Moving the Anonymous icon onto the header

Anonymous mode is an important part of our community, therefore to make our user’s experience more enjoyable, I’d like to move this icon to the header. How could this be done? Thanks.


Any ideas on this? I’m kind of surprised the topic of reordering icons in the header isn’t made to be directly customizable or brought up to begin with. This could be an idea for improvement.

Have a look there:

Sorry for bugging you guys on this topic, I’m just really in need of this at the moment. It’s kind of those spontaneous urgent things :confused:

Generally this is the point at which you start offering the traditional incentives for work, called money? :wink:


As long as it gets done, as it doesn’t really seem like a big job. How does $10 sound? :wink:

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You’d need to post it in #marketplace


Did you look at the theme component linked above?

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Like it’s not a priority for you.

Damn, you got me bud.

Yes, I made a comment there.

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