Paid: Paypal recurring billing integration

(jorgtron) #1

Hi! I’m looking for a developer to create a plugin to incorporate paypal recurring payments into discourse.

I’d like my users to be able to sign up for the forum, but have to pay for membership using paypal payments. The plugin should deal with all IPN from paypal if a user cancels or a payment fails, etc. I’d also like to offer a free trial to users. They should also be able to cancel membership through their profile page.

Get back to me with a quote or questions if you have any :smiley:
You can also send me a private message or email


(Kiran Patil) #2

Does it also works for per category ?

So that users can get login to discourse for free and could browse public categories and need to subscribe for each private category.

(jorgtron) #3

That would be nice, yes :slight_smile:

(Wally) #4

Any progress on that? I too would be interested in something like that. Thanks.


Me too! It’s essential !

(Sam Saffron) #6

To me this looks like a 2-4 week job, considering specialist rates of 25-100USD an hour you are looking at a budget of 2K-8K really depending on a pile of factors.

Recommend you pool resources to fund this and properly specify this with mockups prior so it can be scoped correctly.

(Chad) #7

Being a discourse newbie what language(s) would this have to be written in? I’d like to improve the Dev side of my DevOps skill set. Since my budget is $0 it might take me longer but I’d be learning and it fits my budget.

(Jens Maier) #8

Ruby and JavaScript. Both languages are fairly easy to learn (Ruby more so then JavaScript, imho), but Discourse’s backend is built on Rails and its frontend on Ember. Both are immensely powerful frameworks and that power comes with a lot of complexity.

(I.Am.gR00T) #9

would totally be willing to Pool this idea. Lets get a couple more people together… this will only make discourse better as a whole :smile:

(Salman, Freelance Developer) #10

It’s a good idea to get a spec going to detail what you are looking for.

For example, I can see the following items as potential requirements:

  1. multiple levels of memberships
  2. one time flat fee, monthly, quarterly, 6mo, annual subscription levels
  3. specific forum/category access levels based on membership level
  4. payment providers: paypal, stripe, etc.

I’m thinking of taking this project on, what do you guys think are the most important features you would want to see?

You also have to take into consideration how intrusive this addon will be and then future costs of migration over to new versions of discourse.


I 100% agree with proposed spec. I’m in! Of course it would be best if discourse handled it. Maybe they will whisper some guidance in our ear :wink:

How would license be handled? Open source or paid (one time or monthly) or ?

Frankly I’d be more comfortable with some type of paid model. I want quality well supported software.

(Salman, Freelance Developer) #14

I’m wondering if either @sam or @codinghorror could comment if this type of feature is on the roadmap?

Since we are just hitting version 1 and plugin developers are probably starting to get some ideas going how can we be sure that the plugin we have planned isn’t something on the roadmap in discource as a core feature?

(Peep) #15

I’m highly interested in this too. And Stripe payments while we’re at it.

If there’s a developer here who’s up for it, email me to discuss pricing etc.

(Mark Levison) #16

I’m interested, my timeframe is more relaxed than most - April 2015 is the target timeframe for at least one of our discourse communities to start charging for membership.


  • One time billing
  • Recurring billing (annual?)

Nice to have

  • Discount codes
  • Monthly billing

(Andy Crichton) #17

I would like to add my name to share the cost of a payment plugin in the sort of budget ready reckoned by @sam

My simple needs are along the lines of “members who pay their money can get an invite to one of our private clubs” Recurring annual payments.

If tweaks / mission creep meant the brief got so long that the launch of a general “pay to join” plugin was very many months rather than many weeks, I would rather find other creative non programming solutions while the tweaks were being added to.

for instance, it would help to drum up members if there were an override of $0 cost for year 1 for first n members, but if the technicals were pushing back start dates, I would try take the payment and compensate / reward pioneer members in other ways, while the coder brains are working through the nuances in the interim.

Monthly payments; a discount option applied to those signing up for additional categories… in my case these would also be part of bigger picture aims.

(Jeff Atwood) #18