[PAID] Plugin Development: New Type of User Page

Looking to start a dialogue with a developer for (what I think) should be a simple plugin.

Here are the specs of the plugin I want developed:

Stage 1
I’d like to create a new page based upon the “User Page”. In place of the typical “period chooser” selection (All Time, Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Today) I’d like the page to display the tables with the “Current” quarter data based upon the following 4 quarterly ranges: Jan 1st - March 31st, April 1st - June 30th, July 1st - Sept 30th and Oct 1st - Dec 31st. I’d like this page to be accessible by all visitors by placing it’s link in the menu-panel drop-down.

Stage 2
I will only need 3 columns of data displayed. Topics, Replies and a new column called “Total Participation”. I’m attempting to provide a metric of total participation per user per fixed Quarter.: Topics + Replies = Total Participation. Finally, all data would be displayed in descending order with the largest “Total Participation” on top.

Stage 3
An export table as CSV feature.

I’d be happy with Stage 1 alone. If I can get all 3, that would be a bonus.

This would be a good place to start:


I’m a solid maybe.

If you want to post / PM me a spec of some kind, I’m happy to take a look, but no guarantees :wink:


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