Pasting tables from spreadsheets no longer working after 2.3 upgrade

We ran the 2.3 upgrade for our stable branch installation. Now we noticed that for some reason pasting tables from spreadsheets is no longer working at all. I have Google Sheets and LibreOffice at hand, I tested both. Did the same tests here and it’s working. Pasted from Google Sheets: :arrow_down:

just testing
if this
works or
not ?

This is what happens at with the same exact table:

Does someone have an idea why?

Double check that the site setting enable rich text paste is still enabled in your settings.

I just tried on my 2.3.1 installation and pasting worked from Excel and Google Sheets. Do you think a plug-in could be interfering?

You might want to try launching your site in safe mode and then seeing if the pasting works then:


That’s it, thank you. Nobody touched that setting, though, and it used to work. Now it works again anyway so I don’t care. :slight_smile: